Application of the research framework in cropland, grazing land and forests & shrubland study sites

The ten LEDDRA study sites are located in Mediterranean Europe, Morocco and China. Further information about each site may be obtained either from the Study Sites menu, or by clicking on the site marker on the map.



The study sites contain a number of examples of each of the major land use types.

Cropland Grazing land Forests & shubland
  • Irrigated (annual & perennial crops)
  • Non-irrigated (rainfed)
  • Terraced
  • Mixed (cropland/forest, cropland/grazing)
  • Subalpine grasslands
  • Steppes
  • Mixed (grazing/forest, grazing/cropland)
  • Abandoned grazing areas
  • Natural & cultivated forests (coppices, high stands, afforestation)
  • Shrubland (Mediterranean macchia, degraded/abandoned areas)
  • Mixed (forest/grazing land)



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