Quick start guide to LEDDRiS

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This, first version of the Quick Start Guide is primarily intended for LEDDRA partners to introduce them to the structure and layout of LEDDRiS. For this reason Work Package, Task and Deliverables and their numbers are mentioned.




Main points of the guide:

  • the most important sections of the site are reached from the green bar menu.
  • Home includes the Quick Start Guide and Key concepts: provides background information and explanation to support understanding about the project and its results.
  • Analytical framework gives access to Work Packages 4, 5 and 6, and their deliverables: the generic methodologies for each phase of analysis.
  • Cropland, Grazing land and Forests & shrubland give access to Work Packages 1, 2 and 3: the application of the methodologies in each of the three land uses.
  • Responses to LEDD gives access to Work Package 7 and its deliverables: the centrepiece conclusions of the project.
  • Applications gives access to study site specific information including maps of their locations and site descriptions.
  • Archive contains the photo gallery, a central point for downloading documents and the development area in which different methods for presenting information on LEDDRIS are explored.
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