National policies - Greece

Authors: Eleni Briassoulis, Alexandros Kandelapas
Coordinating authors: Constantinos Kosmas, Ruta Landgrebe, Sandra Nauman
Editors: Alexandros Kandelapas, Jane Brandt

Editor's note 3Jul14: Sources D142-3 and D242-4.

Eleven national policies have been identified as influencing, through their implementation or non-implementation, LEDD and responses to LEDD in the Cretan study sites in the Messara Valley and Asterousia. These policies have been grouped into (a) horizontal, (b) development, and (c) environmental and their description is organised around their respective objects, goals & objectives, actors and instruments (legal, institutional, financial etc.).

Selection of National Policies

Horizontal policies Development policies Environmental policies
Administrative policy Regional development policy Horizontal environmental policy Forest policy
Spatial planning policy Agricultural/Rural development policy Water policy *Soil policy, National plan to combat desertification and drought
  Tourism policy Nature protection (biodiversity) policy *Landscape policy

 * These policie have not yet been implemented.


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