National policies - Italy

Authors: Giovanni Quaranta, Rosanna Salvia, Angelo Nolè, Giuseppe Mancino, Luca Salvati
Coordinating authors: Constantinos Kosmas, Agostino Ferrara, Ruta Landgrebe, Sandra Nauman, Marit de Vries
Editors: Alexandros Kandelapas, Jane Brandt

Editor's note 6Jun14: Sources D142-4, D342-3

The LEDDRA project includes two study sites in Italy (1 cropland, 1 forest). Policy selection is therefore similar for both sites. However, due to increased regionalisation of the Italian administration, regions may implement different measures of the same (national) policy. Policies are therefore analysed at the regional level, with appropriate reference to the study sites, as follows:

  • Policies applying to the Alento River Basin (Alento)
  • Policies applying to the Matera Prefecture (Matera)

Summary of the policies related to the Matera SES and Alento River Basin SES

Alento River Basin
Matera Prefecture
Agricultural/Rural development policy (Measure 216 RDP on non-productive investments) Agricultural/Rural development policy
Agricultural policy: decoupling direct aids to olive producers under the introduction of the Single Payment Scheme Forest policy
Agricultural use of oil mill waste water Horizontal policy (EIA, SIA)
Agri-tourism Tourism policy
Spatial planning Nature protection policy
Greenhouse structures Soil protection policy, desertification and drought policies

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National policies - Italy (Alento)
National policies - Italy (Matera)


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