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12ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Αγροτικής Οικονομίας, Α.Π.Θ., 22-24 Νοέμβριου 2012
(12ο PanHellenic Congress of Rural Economy, AUTH, 22-24/11/2012)
Thanasis Kizos, Theodoros Iosifides, Helen Briassoulis, Minas Metaksakis Εμάς δεν μας πειράζουν… γιατί πειράζομε και εμείς»: Γεωργικές Επιδοτήσεις, Κοινωνικό Κεφάλαιο και Υποβάθμιση της Γης σε δυο Περιοχές της Νότιας Κρήτης
("They do us no harm, because we do harm them as well": Agricultural subsidies, social capital and land degradation in two areas in South Crete)
Conference Name: 32nd International Geographical Congress, 26-30/08/2012-Cologne
Thanasis Kizos, Theodoros Iosifides, Helen Briassoulis, Minas Metaksakis It is not a paradox that shepherds and farmers do not work together": Power, trust and land degradation in two neighbouring areas of southern Crete
4th International Congress EUROSOIL 2012-Soil Science for the Benefit for the Mankind and Environment.
(Bari 02-06 July 2012)

Cerdà Artemi
Giménez Morera Antonio
González Peñolaza Félix Ángel

Soil Erosion on New Citrus Plantations in Eastern Spain Trigger Desertification Processes
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012
(Vienna, 22 – 27 April 2012)

Cerdà Α., Gonzalez Peνaloza F.A., Imeson A.C., Gimenez Morera Α.

Land degradation in the Canyoles river watershed, Eastern Spain
XLVIII Convegno annuale della Società Italiana di Economia Agraria
(Udine, 29-30 September 2011)

Giovanni Quaranta & Rosanna Salvia

Sviluppo rurale, resilienza e sostenibilità nei sistemi socio-ecologici

RGS/IBG International Conference
(London, 31 August - 2nd September 2011)

Geoff A. Wilson and Claire Kelly

Community resilience and land degradation: evidence from the EU LEDDRA Project
XXIV European Society for Rural Sociology Congress "Inequality and Diversity in European Rural Areas"
(Chania, 22-25 August 2011)

Giovanni Quaranta & Rosanna Salvia

Diversity, Resilience and Rural Development
"Environmental Pollution and public health (EPPH 2011)" meeting,(Wuhan-Chinan 10-12 May 2011)

Liu Honghu, Zhang Pingcang Jens Kiesel, Liu Xiaolu

Application and problems of soil and water conservation measures for controlling land degradation and desertification in Yangtze River Basin


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