Alento River Basin, Italy

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Principal LEDD problems
There are three groups of LEDD problems derived from non-suitable land management and intrinsic landscape fragility, aggravated by diffuse land abandonment. Landslides, coastal erosion and flooding originate mainly from local geomorphology, exacerbated by modification of waterways by human activity. Forest degradation, soil erosion, bush fires, reduction of soil organic matter, decrease of land productivity, loss of agricultural biodiversity, land abandonment, urban sprawl, urban land ceiling are derived mainly from the trend in agricultural activities over the last 50 years. Ageing rural population and rural depopulation leading to local demographic impoverishment are derived from socio-demographic issues.

Responses to LEDD
As the environmental sensitivity of the area has increased, most of the LEDD problems have been acknowledged and described. There have been many responses (both public and private) which have had both positive and negative effects including: changes to land management practices; implementation of physical measures; organisational plans, policies and fiscal measures; economic and social measures.


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